Train driving simulators

A range of train driving simulators adapted to the rail activity.

Over the past 20 years, CORYS T.E.S.S. has been developing train driving simulator for suburban trains, main lines and high speed trains.

The operating agents must drive their train complying with the regulations, discovering the particularities of their future line, reacting to breakdowns, optimizing energy consumption, and ensuring the comfort, punctuality and safety of several hundred passengers. CORYS T.E.S.S. products meet all of these objectives.

The driver's cabin, on-board equipment, the line and its signalling are modelled with precision extracted directly from train design documents (electric and pneumatic diagrams, alarm systems, breakdown diagnoses, etc.)

The train driving simulator developed by CORYS T.E.S.S. offers extremely varied situations and scenarios, easily modifiable in real time during the exercise: a training method that is as close as possible to actual use requirements.

Corys Passenger Train Driving Simulator
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