A serie of simulators for CSX

A serie of simulators for CSX

Transportation | July 2017

Our corporate vision has always been to be a reliable partner to our customers, supplying innovative and quality simulator solutions adapted to their needs, through our technical added value and industrial production methods.

Our most recent project with CSX demonstrations just that! In 2016, CORYS developed a new small-scale simulator for CSX after a series of meetings and design reviews geared toward developing a mobile training solution for the thousands of engineers who must be training and recertified every year. The original scope of work was for 10 simulators. In February, following field testing, CSX placed an order to 115 more simulators as well as 25 custom travel cases to ship the simulators to off-site training locations.

Needless to say, the project is an excellent example of  successful, cooperative customer driven prototyping. The way it works is simple: every few weeks CORYS prepares and delivers 25 simulators to CSX’s Jacksonville headquarters. Following inventory and internal configuration, CSX uses the travel cases to ship the simulators to their new locations throughout the US.

These locations, upon receipt, then ship the empty cases back to CORYS’ office in Jacksonville, where the process starts again. The process is working so well, that the remaining simulators are slated to be delivered ahead of schedule!