CORYS has joined the board of the SFEN Groupe Alpes

CORYS has joined the board of the SFEN Groupe Alpes

Power | April 2021

CORYS has been a member of the SFEN (French Society for Nuclear Power) for many years and  has a close relationship with the local office SFEN Groupe Alpes. 

It is in this context that Edouard Guillermin, Integrator Coordinator for 8 years within the energy simulation activity of CORYS, was elected to the board of SFEN Groupe Alpes during the annual plenary meeting on 27 April 2021.

Edouard Guillermin stated : “I am delighted to contribute to this organization.  Motivated by a desire to share with transparency the spirit of safety in which the use of such energy is anchored, and following on from when I was a student and treasurer of the Young Members of the SFEN Alpes, this is a logical progression.”


Christian Leo, Vice President of the Power Simulation Business also said: “we are delighted to have a representative in the regional entity of SFEN. Edouard will be a dynamic contributor with his experience and knowledge of nuclear simulation.”