CORYS listed as a secure site by EDF

CORYS listed as a secure site by EDF

Power | April 2019

Since February 2019, CORYS has met EDF's requirements by being listed as a "secure site". This compliance was one of the clauses of the contract for maintaining the AliSé workshop in operational conditions.

The "EDF secure site" authorisation, valid for three years, was granted to CORYS following a rigorous implementation carried out by the IT manager, the security referent and the CORYS AliSé project manager, followed by an EDF audit.

The "secure site" is a totally secure room to which only accredited persons have access. Connected via a VPN (virtual private network) to the AliSé platform and to applications hosted on the EDF network, the "secure site" allows the CORYS team to access all the resources they need for the project development: sources, documentation, analysis tools and project management tools. Meanwhile, the customer team has access to the same resources from EDF DIPDE's premises in Marseille.

Audrey Murazzano, CORYS project manager said: this authorization is an opportunity for CORYS to apply for other EDF projects with the same "secure site" requirement. The secure site will also provide remote access to the other EDF simulation platforms maintained by CORYS, thus facilitating user support and maintenance activities.