CORYS maintains a 10-year contract with Gasunie

CORYS maintains a 10-year contract with Gasunie

Hydrocarbons | January 2021

CORYS was awarded a new upgrade  10-year maintenance contract by Gasunie to provide technical support for migration to INDISS PLUS® technology and software maintenance.

CORYS will work with Gasunie to upgrade INDISS® existing custom simulators to keep this relationship strong in a cost-effective way without any interruption.

Gasunie process control team has been using INDISS® software since 2008. Gasunie developed more than 50 dynamic simulators for natural gas compressor stations, blending stations and nitrogen plant.

These high fidelity process models are connected via OPC DA to control systems. This creates digital twins that are realistic representations of installations that control systems normally control.

The virtual test environment allows:

  • Loading all control systems of a Gasunie location including Scada PC’s and PLC controllers;
  • Testing and validation of process control software;
  • Shortening of on-site test periods thereby decreasing costs, risk and emissions;
  • Analysis of problems, testing of scenarios and process improvements;
  • Operator training

Philippe Thiabaud, Sales Manager said:
“We thank Gasunie for entrusting us with this new major contract which demonstrates CORYS’ ability to deliver high-quality software products and services to our customers. Services will be tailored to maintaining the value and availability of Gasunie’s engineering and training simulator assets.”


Cees Pultrum, Contract Manager at Gasunie said: 
“We are pleased to renew our confidence in CORYS as a trusted and reliable partner to ensure the support and maintenance of our digital twins based on INDISS PLUS® for the 10 years to come.