CORYS simulates the future driverless Glasgow metro

CORYS simulates the future driverless Glasgow metro

Transportation | September 2019

 In July 2019 CORYS delivered to Hitachi STS a compact simulator for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) for the Glasgow Subway.

The simulator uses an actual Stadler master controller and simulates the new Stadler four-car metro train and the full Glasgow Subway circle (including the depot) with the Hitachi STS CBTC signalling system. The new trains will initially operate with drivers on board, before moving to fully unattended operation.

The Glasgow Subway was opened in 1896 and is the third-oldest underground rail system in the world after London and Budapest. Its network consists of two circle lines with 15 stations and a total length of 10.5 kilometres.

Barbara Smith, Operations Delivery Officer at SPT, said: “The simulator is an essential part of our staff training programme. It will help our drivers get a good understanding of how the new trains work and what they are capable of with regard to response times and fault-finding. Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) is a new experience for the Subway and the simulator will help support the very important migration stage between Supervised Train Operation (STO) and Unattended Train Operation (UTO).