CORYS works with Siemens for NYCT

CORYS works with Siemens for NYCT

Transportation | December 2018

Siemens Mobility has ordered 18 CORYS desk simulators at the beginning of September. The simulators will be used to train operators on the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system that Siemens is installing on the New York City Transit (NYCT) Queens Boulevard Line. Each unit will simulate the operating environment of a R160 transit car with the CBTC system included.  

The visual database will simulate the Queens Boulevard Line (QBL). With a length of around 23 route-miles, the QBL is the second-longest line on the NYCT rapid transit network. The simulated scenery will include 42 stations that will be developed as unique detailed 3D models for maximum realism.

The simulators will be installed in 3 classrooms. Each classroom will consist of 6 simulators and 2 Instructor Stations.

NYCT is a new North American passenger rail customer for CORYS.  Based on railroad operating expense statistics, NYCT is the largest US passenger railroad.  With the addition of NYCT, 18 of the 25 largest US passenger railroads will be supported by CORYS’ simulators and engineering services.