Intensive use of the simulator at GE Roza

Intensive use of the simulator at GE Roza

Transportation | August 2019

After just over a year of commissioning the full cab replica 6 DOF motion simulator, it is satisfying to know that the simulator is being used extensively for training purposes and so far, more than 1600 drivers have already been trained on the system.

The successful loco pilots are now operating over a 100 locomotives for Indian Railways in the field as well.

CORYS team (Bhavin Shah- BU Manager, India & Eric Poirrier- Maintenance in charge CORYS, France) was able to see it during a courtesy visit to GE's premises by gathering feedback from the ground level team.

The driving simulator for GE’s EVO 4500 HP (WDG4G) Diesel locomotive was supplied in June 2018 at GE’s world-class Diesel Locomotive Maintenance shed at Roza, Shahjahanpur, UP, India. It is being used to train Indian Railways’ Loco Drivers.