Metro simulator upgrade for VAG

Metro simulator upgrade for VAG

Transportation | February 2018

VAG Nürnberg, Germany commissioned CORYS to renovate its 2 Multifunction metro simulators initially delivered in 2004 and updated regularly until 2014.

This new contract includes the evolution of computer generated images, thanks to the Matrix graphics engine, the addition of the Artificial Intelligence passenger module and the development of a new Siemens G1 metro model, then in 2019 the extension of the U3 line in accordance with the improvements being made to the VAG network.

Rainer Wender, VAG Training Manager said: "CORYS has always been a reliable partner. Simulator training accounts for 50% of our driver training curriculum. Our equipment must be operational and at the cutting edge of technology."

Thomas Denis, CORYS Account Manager added: "VAG Nürnberg is a historical customer in Germany. The confidence of VAG thus confirms the value of our high-end solutions in the metro simulator market. "