MOC of EDF-DT simulation tools

MOC of EDF-DT simulation tools

Power | June 2019

CORYS starts a new contract for the Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) of EDF-DT simulation tools for a period of 3 years.

The firm part of this contract focuses on user support where responsiveness and technical expertise are required. Additional orders can be made to request corrective, evolutionary or adaptive maintenance activities.

The SuLTANE assemblies (software suite for accidental and normal study transients) already developed by CORYS may be upgraded according to the levels and objectives of the studies to be carried out by EDF-DT.

On the engineering simulator side, the SiRENE 900 VD3 and VD4 versions (renovated study simulators) may evolve according to user feedback and the needs related to EDF-DT's operational studies.

As part of this contract, CORYS is also collaborating with Atos for the MOC of the AnTARES tool which, coupled with the SiRENE simulator, validates incidental and accidental operating procedures for a nuclear unit.