New applications for Elvees

New applications for Elvees

Power | March 2021

The forward-compatible engineering simulator Elvees is opening up to new users.

Initially designed to support the validation of the various design stages of the Brazilian Angra 3 power plant, this simulator provides a structure for validating the control specification of any industrial installation.

CORYS was able to implement, the process model of the IPS/NAS (Isotope Production System / Nuclide Activation System) systems for their validation, for two clients within the FRAMATOME group. This type of system allows the production of radionuclides in a pressurised water reactor and is used for the production of medical isotopes.

Initially intended to validate a basic design "thought out on paper", the projects quickly moved into "Simulation-based design" mode, i.e. the design is then carried out directly in the simulator, which allows for dynamic and even more reactive validation. This also reduces the documentation effort, by limiting it to the final update once the design has been validated with the simulator and by eliminating the intermediate updates between 2 "paper" validations.

These uses confirm that Elvees, which won first prize for innovation within the I&C BU, can also be applied to "small" projects, thus accompanying the deployment of Framatome's new engineering practices using simulation at all levels.