New dynamic simulation study for WAGA ENERGY

New dynamic simulation study for WAGA ENERGY

Hydrocarbons | December 2020

As part of its growth, WAGA ENERGY renews its confidence by calling on CORYS to produce a new dynamic simulation study.

CORYS aims to confirm the chosen regulation strategies, and to understand the dynamic response to the different demands of WAGA ENERGY's new range of high-capacity biomethane production units.

The first study was carried out before the start up of the first WAGABOX® industrial plant. It made it possible to test a large number of parameters and to anticipate the impact of variations in the composition of the gas to be treated on the cryogenic distillation module.

Dynamic simulation was therefore an essential tool in developing the WAGA ENERGY’s innovative process for the valorisation of biogas from landfill sites.

Philippe Thiabaud, sales manager at CORYS stated: 
"We are pleased to continue to support WAGA ENERGY, a hi-tech company committed to energy transition, thanks to our our dynamic engineering simulation solutions."


Guénaël Prince, R&D Director and Co-Founder of WAGA ENERGY added: 
"Given the complexity of biogas treatment of landfill sites, the development of dynamic simulators is a crucial step in the design of robust and safe processes. It is in this context that CORYS has been a partner from the beginning and we are pleased to have the opportunity to continue this collaboration"