NS reiterates its confidence in CORYS

NS reiterates its confidence in CORYS

Transportation | February 2021

NS, the Dutch rail operator, carried out a market analysis on training simulators and opted once again for CORYS, ordering 13 additional compact simulators and signing a 7 year maintenance contract.

The installations will simulate new train models, using cutting-edge CGI imagery. All of NS’ simulators will also be upgraded to include the latest ETCS Baseline 3 developments and the TACTIS instructor interface.

In all, CORYS’ fleet at NS will comprise 2 full-scope simulators with motion system, 2 desk simulators, and 19 compact simulators.

Despite COVID the project is moving forward smoothly and first compact simulators have been already delivered and tested by the customer.

Joep Von Berg, Training Expert at NS, stated:
“CORYS continues to provide support and maintenance of our training tools. This will enable optimum use of our simulators. “