Simulators delivered in under six months

Simulators delivered in under six months

Transportation | November 2020

Training for 50 LINEAS France drivers – thanks to simulators delivered in under six months

Supporting our clients amid the difficulties posed by Covid-19 is a top priority for us. LINEAS, an acclaimed private rail freight operator in Europe, was on a tight deadline to start a driver training programme that called for a comprehensive, realistic solution. The goal was to deliver high-quality training covering train driving and related regulations on the French rail network; LINEAS France approached CORYS to take up the challenge.

In the space of less than six months, CORYS was able to deliver the compact simulators – featuring a highly comprehensive generic train model and 170 km of track, with full signalling – and install them remotely, too.

To ensure lifelike training, the KVB speed control system, GSM-R, and other systems were simulated in their entirety.

Philippe Kochli, in charge of the training project for LINEAS France, had this to say: 
“we’re very happy with our simulators. The CORYS team kept to their commitments, and commissioned the simulators remotely without a single hitch. As a result, we’ve been able to start training on schedule. Within two months of the simulators entering service, 50 drivers had already completed the training”.