CORYS enhanced Computer Generated Images rival the realism of Flight Simulator®

snapshot from video cgi 2021 11 copie

The latest in computer-generated image technology is helping our train simulators deliver the same immersive experience as Flight Simulator®, only on solid ground. The physical environment is represented in extreme detail, with image resolution down to 5 centimetres. All elements on the network are also georeferenced. Add the effects of wind and sunlight and the … Read more

New lease of life for the Southeastern driving simulator

Following the award of an international tender, CORYS successfully completed the refurbishment of the Southeastern Railway Javelin High Speed Train driving simulator in May 2021. The simulator was initially delivered in 2008 to train drivers on HS1 and, after 12 years of intensive use, was ready for a new life! Southeastern’s choice of refurbishment allowed … Read more


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