Breaking Ground: The Limerick Control Room Glass Panel Simulator Project

breaking ground the limerick control room glass panel simulator project

Constellation Energy, the largest nuclear plant operator in the U.S., has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to construct a full-scope glass panel simulator in support of a significant digital modernization project at the Limerick nuclear station near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An upgrade to Westinghouse Ovation digital control system in the plant presents challenges in meeting design … Read more

Fuel loading machine simulator for the Flamanville EPR

fuel loading machine simulator for the flamanville epr

CORYS is developing a training simulator for EDF for the PMC line (Fuel Handling) operators at the FA3 power plant.   The simulator will be a replica of the two operator stations, for the reactor and fuel buildings, required for fuel loading/unloading operations during refuelling. The fuel transfer system between the two buildings is also … Read more

CORYS supports the EPR2 nuclear reactor programme

corys supports the epr2 nuclear reactor programme

At the end of 2023, Edvance awarded CORYS the contract to design and build the EPR2 engineering simulator in the Detailed Design phase.   This new stage will extend the scope of representation by modelling the entire process and its instrumentation and control, from the boiler to the alternator, representing around 300 systems.   The … Read more

Success of SimTech France 2023

retour simtech2023

With more than 200 participants from all over the world, the latest edition of SimTech France, CORYS’ dynamic simulation conference, kept all its promises from 10 to 12 October.   Exchanges, sharing and conviviality were at the heart of these 3 days through quality conferences and state-of-the-art solution presentations. SimTech France was reinforced by the … Read more

Ingénieur Procédés Nucléaires H/F

We are hiring Les projets complexes vous attirent ? L’innovation est votre moteur ? Embarquez pour participez à la grande aventure de la simulation & des applications numériques au sein de CORYS !   Vous serez intégré(e) à l’équipe production sous la responsabilité d’un chef de projet qui assure le développement et la livraison de … Read more

Consortium agreement to support ERTMS test bench simulation

consortium agreement to support ertms test bench simulation

CORYS has signed a cooperation agreement with the TRY&CERT consortium, comprising CERTIFER and the Laboratoire Essai Ferroviaire (LEF) of SNCF Voyageurs.  LEF is an EN17025-accredited test laboratory specialising in ERTMS and ATO signalling and CERTIFER is a Notified Body providing certification, inspection and assessment services in the rail sector, with over 40 branches worldwide. The … Read more

EPR2: delivery of the basic design simulator

epr2 delivery of the basic design simulator

In early 2023, CORYS delivered the EPR2’s basic design simulator to Edvance. The project enabled new model production methods to be validated, as well as building up experience about the future reactor and facilitating the growing headcount of the Nuclear business line, which is due to double by 2030.   The basic design simulator delivered … Read more

ETCS : Dutch railway expands training

etcs dutch railway expands training with 75 new corys ultra light simulators

”We need drivers on trains, not in training rooms. But to get them on trains, they have to be trained. That’s our dilemma.’’ Interview with André Horn, Quality Manager, NS Learning Center NS, the national rail transport operator in the Netherlands, is preparing for one of the main challenges to standard train control in Europe, … Read more

Electric vehicle batteries: Gigafactory staff training

training simulators for operators, technicians and engineers in gigafactories

Over the next 12 months, CORYS will be delivering three training simulators for operators, technicians and engineers in gigafactories built to supply electric vehicle batteries. The aim is to address the huge labour requirements in this fast-growing sector which will be hiring 40,000 people a year between now and 2030 in France alone.   Worth … Read more

Integration of the severe accident module into the Bohunice simulator

integration of the severe accident module into the bohunice simulator

A severe accident module has been developed and delivered in Vuje for the operator Slovenske Elektrarne.   The MELCOR module has been integrated into the full scope simulator for the VVER nuclear power plant in Bohunice, Slovakia.    The MELCOR module was integrated into the simulator executive sharing memory with the existing THOR thermohydraulic module. … Read more

Certification of CORYS ERTMS software

certification of corys ertms software

CORYS has awarded a subcontract to the TRY&CERT consortium, made up of the company CERTIFER and the Laboratoire Essai Ferroviaire (LEF) of SNCF Voyageurs.    The LEF is an EN17025 accredited test laboratory specialising in ERTMS and ATO signalling and CERTIFER is a “Notified Body” providing certification, inspection and assessment activities in the railway sector, … Read more

Ingénieur Développement informatique H/F

We are hiring Les projets complexes vous attirent ? L’innovation est votre moteur ? Embarquez pour participer à la grande aventure de la simulation & des applications numériques au sein de CORYS !   CORYS accompagne Framatome dans sa transformation numérique avec le déploiement du PLM 3D Expérience. Missions Votre mission consiste à intégrer l’équipe … Read more

Ingénieur Informaticien C++ H/F

We are hiring Les projets complexes vous attirent ? L’innovation est votre moteur ? Embarquez pour participer à la grande aventure de la simulation & des applications numériques au sein de CORYS ! Vous serez intégré(e) à l’équipe R&D qui est en charge du développement et du maintien en conditions opérationnelles de l’atelier logiciel ALICES® … Read more

Stuttgart’s tramway drivers hone their skills from the safety of CORYS Replica Simulators

stuttgart’s tramway drivers hone their skills from the safety of corys replica simulators

CORYS recently delivered a new 1:1 Replica Simulator to Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB), Stuttgart, one of the largest public transport companies in Stuttgart, Germany.   This new project brings the total number of CORYS Replica Simulators at SSB to three. The operator has been working with CORYS since 2017 to meet its driver training and … Read more

CORYS heavily involved in supporting the UK rail industry to address ETCS driver familiarisation

corys heavily involved in supporting the uk rail industry to address etcs driver familiarisation

CORYS heavily involved in supporting the UK rail industry to address ETCS driver familiarisation.   The UK is a long standing market for CORYS. Since our first contract with London Underground in 1995 CORYS now has over 100 simulators operational for over 20 operators.   CORYS GB ETCS Level 2 Baseline 3 reference design is … Read more

Bioprocess: INDISS PLUS® goes Vegan®

bioprocess biofuel saf ots corys

David de Gruyl, Axens’ Director of Digital Solutions for North America Already operational since 2019 at the Total Energies site in La Mède (France), Axens’ Vegan® technology will be deployed in seven new production units in the United States, Europe and Asia over the next three years. This ramp-up requires a generic training simulator, which … Read more

CORYS to renovate V/Line driver training technology

corys to renovate V/Line driver training technology

V/Line has train drivers positioned across all parts of the rail network so they can deliver services to all parts of regional Victoria, Australia. To help drivers complete important training at their home depot, V/Line have invested in world leading technology from CORYS, to develop a portable desktop driver training simulator which can be transported … Read more

Simulator Skills Manager brings the full power of simulator data to your training programs

skills manager

Today’s train and tramway driving simulators are high-tech systems that produce a lot of data—but not always in an actionable format. CORYS Simulator Skills Manager turns simulator data into a source of business value. This flexible, easy-to-use, and modern web app helps train and tramway driver training centres structure their programs and skills assessment processes … Read more

Ingénieur Génie des procédés : Formateur Nucléaire H/F

We are hiring Les projets complexes vous attirent ? L’innovation est votre moteur ? Embarquez pour participez à la grande aventure de la simulation & des applications numériques au sein de CORYS !   En parallèle de ces activités de simulatoristes, CORYS possède une activité historique de conception pédagogique et d’animation de formations professionnelles auprès … Read more

Ingénieur Informatique – Génie logiciel

We are hiring Les projets complexes vous attirent ? L’innovation est votre moteur ? Embarquez pour participez à la grande aventure de la simulation & des applications numériques au sein de CORYS ! Missions Rattaché(e) au chef de projet dans un environnement international, vous serez en charge de développements informatiques en C++ dans le cadre … Read more

Axens and CORYS delivered OTS to ASORC

axens and corys delivered ots to asorc

Axens and CORYS supplied Operator Training Simulators (OTS) to Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC) within the refinery upgrading project.   The new naphtha complex will produce high octane gasoline for Egyptian domestic market.   For ASORC, CORYS developed custom models using INDISS PLUS for Naphtha Hydrotreater (NHT), Continuous Catalytic Regenerative Reformer (CCR) with Axens Octanizing™ … Read more

BAPCO’s Advanced Solution initiative to use Virtual Reality

bapco advanced solution initiative to use corys virtual reality simulator

End of 2022 BAPCO Team successfully tested CORYS Virtual Reality Solution for crude and vacuum distillation units at CORYS Grenoble office before deployment on site.   CORYS’s VR technology brings together INDISS PLUS® high fidelity dynamic process model with 3D plant topography model allowing both the outside operators and console operators to interact with each … Read more

Hitachi ScotRail Class 385 simulators commissioned

hitachi scotrail class 385 simulators commissioned

In January, the Hitachi Class 385 blended simulator system was commissioned in Glasgow for ScotRail. CORYS supplied a full cab simulator, ultra light and laptop simulators that will provide opportunities for ScotRail to develop their existing driver training programmes. Using the ultralight and laptop simulators will make the early stages of driver training more engaging … Read more

InnoTrans 2022 what an amazing event

innotrans 2022 what an amazing event

CORYS was amongst the 2 834 exhibitors at the Innotrans trade fair, which took place in Berlin from the 20th to 23rd September 2022. This year’s InnoTrans once again lived up. This week was full of meetings such as the visit of the French Minister of Transport Clément Beaune. We showcased our latest innovations and … Read more

Ultra Light Simulator success

01 uls mass production 2000x1600

Since the launch of our Ultra Light Simulator in 2019 we have seen a huge demand from operators worldwide with over 100 simulators delivered and several more under production! The Ultra Light Simulator has same training functionality as a replica simulator but with a shorter time lead, lower unit cost and is easily transportable. Not only … Read more

Training simulators for the battery sector

training simulators for the battery sector

Aware of the stakes in the battery sector, CORYS has joined the Consortium* of the “École de la Batterie Grenoble”, to provide dynamic training simulators.   Simulation allows learning via a dynamic teaching method with real-life situations and the active involvement of each participant.   CORYS will develop two dynamic process simulators in collaboration with … Read more

Try out our exciting new train simulation solutions at InnoTrans 2022 

Try out our exciting new train simulation solutions at InnoTrans 2022

InnoTrans, the transport technology industry’s leading international event, will take place from 20 to 23 September 2022 in Berlin. CORYS will exhibiting with hands-on demonstrations of the CORYS ETCS Ultra Light Simulator, virtual reality troubleshooting, and cloud based tablet simulation.  The compact, transportable ETCS Ultra Light offers all the training possibilities of a full-sized replica … Read more

A successful solidary teambuilding

a successful solidary teambuilding june2022

After two years without a major internal event due to Covid, CORYS French employees gathered together in Château de Sassenage for a teambuilding activity last Thursday afternoon.   We played the game “A solidary world tour” around the themes of ecology and sustainable development with a result in favour of reforestation.   A good way … Read more

The challenge of simulating green hydrogen storage

the challenge of simulating green hydrogen storage

A firm working in new energy asked CORYS to simulate a hydrogen charging station for light commercial vehicles. It’s a key milestone on the road to scaling up to supply hydrogen-powered trucks, aircraft, and trains in the future. To the casual observer, the design, control, and operation of a ‘hydrogen filling station’ might seem simple. … Read more

Egyptian National Railways: CORYS selected by Wabtec Corporation to supply two locomotive simulators

wabtec corporation selects corys to supply two locomotive simulators to egyptian national railways

Wabtec Corporation, active in Egypt for decades, recently won a major multi-year deal to supply Egyptian National Railways (ENR) with new 100 ES30ACi Evolution Series locomotives and fleet maintenance services as part of the Egyptian Ministry of Transportation’s ongoing infrastructure modernisation plan. Naturally, Wabtec Corporation turned to CORYS, its long-time partner on projects in Kazakhstan, … Read more

Zirconium purification simulator

zirconium purification simulator

“Challenging traditional understandings” Interview with Stéphane LAGARDE, Framatome’s Fuel Operations R&D Engineer Simulation can improve understanding of a unique, complex chemical process and unlock plenty of mysteries, even when the process in question has been around for 30 years – sometimes resulting in a paradigm shift, as Framatome found out with the OTS developed by CORYS … Read more

Formations nucléaires : pourquoi ils recommandent le simulateur C-PWR

training courses

Ils sont manager de formation, enseignant, étudiant en école d’ingénieur, et ils ont adopté le simulateur C-PWR pour découvrir ou faire découvrir à leurs équipes les principes physiques de base d’un réacteur à eau pressurisée (REP). Nous les avons rencontrés pour connaître et partager leur retour d’expérience. Mathieu Sauvage, responsable formation nucléaire chez Engie à … Read more

CORYS announces the signing of partnership with the Ligue AURA de Sport Adapté

corys announces the signing of partnership with the ligue aura de sport adapté

CORYS has pledged support to the Ligue AURA de Sport Adapté, which encourages the practice of sports for people with disabilities. On March 31st, Charles Rosmorduc, CORYS CEO signed a partnership with the Ligue AURA de Sport Adapté. Thanks to this collaboration, two accomplished athletes in para-athletics will benefit from financial support: Haroun Khelifa and … Read more

New training simulator for OMV

new corys training simulator for omv downstream gmbh

CORYS is to develop a new high-fidelity custom process model under INDISS PLUS® for a naphtha steam cracker plant producing ethylene and propylene for the oil and gas company OMV Downstream GmbH. The contract also includes INDISS PLUS® maintenance licenses, with specific reactor libraries, and integration of the process model with the ABB 800xA Simulator. … Read more

CORYS signs new freight rail customer in Brazil

corys signs new freight rail customer in brazil

Freight rail company MRS Logistica S.A. recently joined the CORYS customer community with a contract for a tabletop simulator and analysis package signed in February 2022. MRS Logistica owns around 20% of Brazil’s national fleet, with 19,000 rail cars and 770 locomotives in service. It operates around 6% of the country’s rail network, but transports … Read more

CORYS Inc. wins upgrade contract with US freight operator Tacoma Rail

corys wins upgrade contract with us freight operator tacoma rail @drew jacksich

In February 2022 CORYS was selected to provide a rehost upgrade for the Tacoma Rail AAR-control-stand-style simulator.   Tacoma rail, which moves freight through the Port of Tacoma, plays a strategic role in the Tacoma, Washington area’s economy. The project, similar to previous CORYS projects for CSX, KSC, CP, VIA Rail, G&W, and CN, will … Read more

Packaging training in the cloud

corys cardboard simulator in the cloud ds smith 1800

DS Smith has commissioned CORYS to deploy its training simulator in the cloud. This simulator dedicated to the use of corrugated board manufacturing machines will be accessible at any time and from any place. Olivier Dutordoir DS Smith’s Training Coordinator in Operations, said : “Thanks to this cloud-based simulator, we will be able to organise … Read more

Success of SimTech US 2021 Conference held in Orlando

simtech france 2023 is coming soon

CORYS hosted the biennial simulation conference, SimTech, in October 2021 at the Portofino hotel at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.   The conference had three tracks to accommodate CORYS simulation customers in the Hydrocarbons, Rail and Nuclear industries.   A robust in-person audience attended the conference, even though, thanks to COVID, some utilities imposed travel … Read more

CORYS enhanced Computer Generated Images rival the realism of Flight Simulator®

snapshot from video cgi 2021 11 copie

The latest in computer-generated image technology is helping our train simulators deliver the same immersive experience as Flight Simulator®, only on solid ground. The physical environment is represented in extreme detail, with image resolution down to 5 centimetres. All elements on the network are also georeferenced. Add the effects of wind and sunlight and the … Read more

ETCS : using a simulator to prepare and train your staff

corys etcs to train and prepare rail drivers

CORYS’ ETCS simulator offers operators, infrastructure managers, and certification bodies the perfect way to anticipate this major change. A dozen or so of our clients, spread across seven countries, are already using it. The key feature of this simulator is that it complies with EU SRS standards for Baselines 2 and 3, allowing users to … Read more

ETCS : training in advance with simulators by LNER

The ideal solution to prepare for the arrival of ETCS Interview with Paul Boyle, Head of ERTMS, London North Eastern Railway, UK  LNER invested in a CORYS ETCS simulator back in 2015, even though the route on which they operate wasnot yet fitted.  Why plan so far ahead? We understood that we needed to start … Read more

ETCS training : The importance of the simulators fidelity by NS

etcs the fidelity of the corys simulator by ns netherlands

A simulator that faithfully reproduces the driver’s everyday environment Interview with Carl Kleibeuker, senior instructor, NS (Netherlands) What factors led to NS choosing its ETCS training simulator? As an instructor, I didn’t get to have a say in which one we chose. However, I did have to give an opinion about how faithful the simulator … Read more

Motion systems for simulators : why 5 DOF is better than 6 DOF

No, the 6 DOF motion system is not necessarily the best choice for a full-scope train, subway and tramway simulator. 5 DOF is more realistic, less bulky and not necessarily more expensive. Demonstration. What is the difference between a 5 DOF and a 6 DOF, from the user’s point of view? Not much, just one … Read more


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