Simulator range

Simulator range

Deliver driver training in 4 dimensions

To address all types of training needs, CORYS has four types of simulator, all based on the same software platform, with each model geared to specific teaching requirements.


For use in classrooms, to practice a specific procedure or signal that has just been explained by the instructor. Touchscreen emulates the dashboard instruments required for the exercise.



CORYS is the first manufacturer to have designed a portable simulator fitted with simplified equipment. The “Compact” model is suitable for basic training: driving procedures, typical regimes, procedures, etc. An excellent solution at a competitive price.


With a simplified driver desk, touchscreens and interchangeable controls, the multipurpose desk can simulate a number of different train models. Ideal for training drivers on diverse or upgraded rolling stock. 

Total immersion

The replica (with cabin and desk) is a high-level training resource, recognising the driving profession and enhancing operators brand image. Drivers have exactly the same desk as they do in real life.

Our key assets...

For drivers 
Computer-generated imagery equivalent to the very best video games (MATRIX technology), lifelike train dynamics, realistic simulation of urban traffic, passenger movements on a metro platform, and more.

For instructors
The interface allows you to create and replay scenarios, as well as alter them in real time. Observe your trainees, monitor and analyse their actions, measure their progress, and much more.


... Additional benefits

Bespoke design 
for each of your simulation projects

Industrial knowhow
production units plus a network of qualified subcontractors.

Project management 
quality control, keeping to deadlines, and staying on budget