30 years at your service


CORYS metro simulators and tramway simulators are designed for basic and refresher training as well as learning new rolling stock or city-specific signalling systems. Artificial Intelligence models replicate real passenger behaviour so that drivers can practice responding to stressful situations without the high cost of immobilising rolling stock for training.

Equipping drivers to navigate unpredictable environments

Where safety meets driving efficiency


We create dynamic simulation solutions for suburban, long-distance, and high-speed trains. CORYS has a simulator for every major signalling and communication system in use worldwide, and our experts are bringing technologies like Artificial Intelligence to train driving simulators for ultra-realistic passenger management training. Eco driving.

Our customers in the passenger rail industry have been using CORYS simulators to enhance their driver training for decades.


At CORYS we have been serving the freight rail industry for decades. And we have the assets to prove it: Each unique freight rail simulator we build for our customers draws on our huge library of couplers, cars, and brake types and our extensively-validated dynamic and pneumatic models constantly improved and enriched with real-world data.

Longer rolling stock lifespans, more profitable operations


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