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Simulator Skills Manager brings the full power of simulator data to your training programs

Today’s train and tramway driving simulators are high-tech systems that produce a lot of data—but not always in an actionable format. CORYS Simulator Skills Manager turns simulator data into a source of business value. This flexible, easy-to-use, and modern web app helps train and tramway driver training centres structure their programs and skills assessment processes by bridging the gap between the simulators and the broader training and competency assessment environment. Here’s how it works.

CORYS new Simulator Skills Manager web app gives instructors an easy and intuitive way to manage the skills learned by both new and experienced drivers so that they can more effectively tailor their training and recertification programs to specific needs.

The app also provides detailed information about how the organisation’s simulators are being used and can even feed data about what skills learners are working on during their simulator training sessions—including non-technical skills like situational awareness and response to unexpected events—into the organisation’s Competency Management System (CMS).

Benefits of Simulator Skills Manager

For instructors, one of the main benefits of Simulator Skills Manager is how simple it makes preparing scenarios that address specific skills in the standards (like night driving or platform interfacing, for example) and assigning the scenarios to a group of trainees.

Once a trainee completes a scenario, the performance data is automatically sent to Simulator Skills Manager, so that the instructor can assess whether the targeted skills have been acquired or not.

Powerful reports

In terms of data visualization, Simulator Skills Manager’s at-a-glance dashboards do away with paper files and Excel spreadsheets. Instructors know exactly what they need to do when they come to work each day. They can see how individual trainees or groups of trainees (in a specific course or attached to a given depot, for example) are doing in real time, with information on the number of sessions completed and skills acquired on the simulator, future sessions planned, and remaining completed sessions to evaluate.

Plus, powerful reports show exactly how an organisation’s simulators are being used every day so that simulator usage can be maximised for those skills that are most needed.

No modification to the existing simulators

Simulator Skills Manager was released in April 2022, and CORYS offered its first online masterclass in November. For existing CORYS simulator users, the tool is the perfect addition to any system from 1:1 replica sims to ultra light simulators. No modifications to the existing simulator system or network are required, and legacy data can simply be imported in a CSV file to populate the tool. With advantages like these, there’s no reason not to start leveraging your simulator data to improve your driver skills management!


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