Breaking Ground: The Limerick Control Room Glass Panel Simulator Project

breaking ground the limerick control room glass panel simulator project

Constellation Energy, the largest nuclear plant operator in the U.S., has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to construct a full-scope glass panel simulator in support of a significant digital modernization project at the Limerick nuclear station near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An upgrade to Westinghouse Ovation digital control system in the plant presents challenges in meeting design … Read more

Motion systems for simulators : why 5 DOF is better than 6 DOF

No, the 6 DOF motion system is not necessarily the best choice for a full-scope train, subway and tramway simulator. 5 DOF is more realistic, less bulky and not necessarily more expensive. Demonstration. What is the difference between a 5 DOF and a 6 DOF, from the user’s point of view? Not much, just one … Read more

A fullscope simulator weighing just 740 kg

The fullscope cab simulator to be delivered in early 2017 to Queensland Rail, Australia is three times lighter than a conventional simulator. Not only that – it has a 6-DOF motion platform, offers training for five different trains, and didn’t cost any more than usual. Queensland Rail’s original problem was not one of weight but … Read more


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