3D Immersive Training

3D Immersive Training


CORYS’s Virtual Reality technology

CORYS’s virtual reality technology brings together high fidelity dynamic simulation models and plant topography models allowing both the outside operator and console operator to interact with each other as they would in real life.

VESSA Virtual Reality software

Virtual Environment for Safety Systems Applications – VESSA – is a simulation platform developed by CORYS using proprietary CORYS virtual reality technology.

Main features

  • Represent in three dimensions the environment and scenarios of real process operation
  • Provide interactive operation of the process, as in the real plant, in normal and incidental conditions

The 3D Models can be derived from existing 3D CAD drawings which now often accompany the construction of new units, or from pictures we take of existing older units without up-to-date 3D CAD drawings.

Individual field operator development

The operators will be able to complete exercises in a simulated, high fidelity 3D representation of the real plant. The 3D model provides the most realistic experience and practice for field operators in the safety of a virtual environment. The 3D simulator can also be dynamically connected to a process model allowing for interactions between field and console operators.

Typical uses

  • Learning the topography
  • Learning dangers
  • Learning to make rounds
  • Practicing startups
  • Shutdowns and all emergency responses

Emergency planning, training, crew interactions and team building

3D Models provide a computer simulated environment for operator safety training. Operators will acquire the safety knowledge needed and be able to practice drills that reduce safety training costs and keep inexperienced trainees away from the plant until they are ready and qualified.

Typical uses

  • Practicing the execution of all emergency procedures
  • Developing new or modifying existing emergency and non-emergency procedures
  • Identifying escape routes
  • Hazards analysis
  • Combined exercises with console operators

Additionally, our software features multi-player capabilities. This allows simultaneous interactions among avatars so that trainees work together as a crew in the virtual plant.

User-friendly data base

The operators can easily access equipment information and the managers can get real-time monitoring of the production directly by creating links with asset data bases and control system data bases. The only action required is to click on the equipment in the 3D model.

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