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training simulators for operators, technicians and engineers in gigafactories

Electric vehicle batteries: Gigafactory staff training

11 July 2023

Over the next 12 months, CORYS will be delivering three training simulators for operators, technicians and engineers in gigafactories built...

bioprocess biofuel saf ots corys

Bioprocess: INDISS PLUS® goes Vegan®

6 April 2023

David de Gruyl, Axens’ Director of Digital Solutions for North America Already operational since 2019 at the Total Energies site...

axens and corys delivered ots to asorc

Axens and CORYS delivered OTS to ASORC

25 January 2023

Axens and CORYS supplied Operator Training Simulators (OTS) to Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC) within the refinery upgrading project.  ...

bapco advanced solution initiative to use corys virtual reality simulator

BAPCO’s Advanced Solution initiative to use Virtual Reality

12 January 2023

End of 2022 BAPCO Team successfully tested CORYS Virtual Reality Solution for crude and vacuum distillation units at CORYS Grenoble...

training simulators for the battery sector

Training simulators for the battery sector

1 September 2022

Aware of the stakes in the battery sector, CORYS has joined the Consortium* of the “École de la Batterie Grenoble”,...

the challenge of simulating green hydrogen storage

The challenge of simulating green hydrogen storage

5 June 2022

A firm working in new energy asked CORYS to simulate a hydrogen charging station for light commercial vehicles. It’s a...

zirconium purification simulator

Zirconium purification simulator

23 May 2022

“Challenging traditional understandings” Interview with Stéphane LAGARDE, Framatome’s Fuel Operations R&D Engineer Simulation can improve understanding of a unique, complex chemical...

new corys training simulator for omv downstream gmbh

New training simulator for OMV

20 April 2022

CORYS is to develop a new high-fidelity custom process model under INDISS PLUS® for a naphtha steam cracker plant producing...

corys cardboard simulator in the cloud ds smith 1800

Packaging training in the cloud

20 January 2022

DS Smith has commissioned CORYS to deploy its training simulator in the cloud. This simulator dedicated to the use of...

3D immersive training for field operators

23 May 2021

Operators no longer need to go out in the field to get to know an installation, locate valves, or practice...

Extrusion Challenge accepted and successfully simulating

2 May 2021

In extrusion, thermoplastic material first arrives with a doughy consistency, before being compressed, formed, cooled by means of a heat...

Upgrade of the AMPCO OTS

3 February 2021

Atlantic Methanol Production Company LLC (AMPCO) selects CORYS to upgrade their operator training simulator (OTS). The OTS model and control...

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