ANS3.5 compliant software replica control room

ANS3.5 compliant software replica control room

Enhance your training capabilities

CORYS introduces the first and only ANSI compliant glass panel simulator in the industry.  Perfect for a second simulator, the CORYS software replica control room provides a low cost alternative to an expensive hard panel control room simulator. 

Whether your training requirements are overwhelming your existing simulator, or an easily configurable simulator is needed for engineering development, the CORYS ANSI compliant software replica control room simulator provides a cost effective solution to your needs.







DCR strenghts
  • Replica Full-Scale MCR replica, matching close and overall sights
  • Fully tactilewith haptic feedback, faithful to the operator actions
  • Equipment thandling designed based on an explicit understanding of operators actions in the reference control room environment
  • Enhanced training support tools and new malfunctions available
  • Durability and progressive nature that includes easy to maintain design features
EDF Digital Control Room - Fullscope replica / Touch / Haptic