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Training programs

PWR basics principles (3 days)

Objective : Understand the PWR general design choices

Presentation pressurized Water Reactor design principle, sustained by lab work by running reactor normal operation on C-PWR training simulator.

PWR normal operation (5 days)

Objective : Understand the main step of PWR normal operations

Understanding the Pressurized Water Reactor design principle and normal operation, knowledge taken further by running lab work on C-PWR training simulator.

PWR abnormal operation (2 days)

Objective : Understand the main step of PWR abnormal operations

Operating a Pressurized Water Reactor under accidental circumstances by running transients on the X-PWR training simulator and comprehending safety systems design through presentations

Life cycle support

Updates & maintenance

CORYS’ engineers are highly experienced in Full-Scope simulator upgrades and maintenance, having performed major upgrades on most of the simulators in the United States and France, as well as many in Europe and Asia.


The main goals of these renovations include: platform and computer rehost, instructor station upgrades, and development of advanced models for fluid, gaseous, electrical, or control system models.

  • Key differentiators

  • State of the art technology
  • Most experienced and qualified engineering team
  • Customer focus
  • Worldwide references
  • Upgrades tools & solutions

Expertise & Support

CORYS provides a range of consulting services to overcome challenges in your facility

CORYS engineers have decades of simulation experience and in-plant engineering expertise in nuclear operations.

With the accumulation of massive digital engineering datasets (including PLM), consistency checking or early model assessment is a growing concern.

CORYS experts will assist you to integrate early simulation into your engineering process for a data-centric strategy. 


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