Basic Design Engineering Studies

Basic Design Engineering Studies

Integrated Simulation Platform for Nuclear Plants

Basic and detailed design engineering studies of nuclear plants, such as safety analysis or performance calculations, or probabilistic safety analyses, require using engineering grade simulation codes, such as CATHARE / RELAP5 for two-phase flow thermal hydraulics or COX3D / NESTLE for multi-dimensional neutron kinetics. Several hours may be necessary to simulate a physical phenomenon that takes minutes in real-life.

The need to improve the efficiency of design and analysis tools and to deal with the requirements of the new generation of engineers entering the industry has led CORYS to develop a fully graphical simulation environment that includes:

Easy and partially automated interface for coupling thermal hydraulics and neutron kinetics modelling codes

A very precise and faithful Instrumentation and Control (I&C) simulation associated to a set of tools enabling a fine analysis of I&C behaviour

On-line modification of plant parameters and validation scenarios

On-line data visualization and plotting

Automatic generation of documents based on predefined templates