Companion Training Manual

Companion Training Manual

Process training with the CORYS Companion Training Manual™ for High-Fidelity Process Simulators

CORYS offers a unique Operations Training program that enables our customers to develop a comprehensive, unit specific, competency-based methodology for training operations staff using our high-fidelity training simulators.

Working with your Subject Matter Experts, CORYS will develop a customized Companion Training Manual™(CTM) that accompanies your high-fidelity Operator Training Simulator. The CTM is structured to begin with the process operating at normal conditions, allowing operations staff to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of their units and learn the process relationships between independent and dependent variables.

The training exercises are sequenced to build important abnormal situation management skills over the course, beginning with normal operations, continuing with minor upsets, complex control systems, environmental excursions, and eventually building to the most severe process upset conditions and shutdowns. The scenarios are organized in the following six chapters.

Chapter 1 – Normal Operations

Chapter 2 – Instrument Troubleshooting

Chapter 3 – Advanced Regulatory Control Strategies and Safety Integrated Systems

Chapter 4 – Unit Emergencies

Chapter 5 – Unit Shutdowns

Chapter 6 – Normal Startup and Shutdown


Where the client requires, we can map the CTM simulator scenarios back to competency frameworks.

The CORYS CTM provides a comprehensive training, certification, and re-certification program for console operators, enabling your organization to maintain safe, reliable, optimal and environmentally compliant operations.

If you would like to learn more about the CORYS Companion Training Manual™,  please contact us.