Remote Simulation Through Cloud Services

Remote Simulation Through Cloud Services

Hydrocarbons | April 2020

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating many new challenges and is forcing many to consider innovative ways of working.

With remote work and learning in response to COVID-19, many people are looking to build their skills while at home.

Today CORYS launches a new feature providing remote training opportunities to train and maintain skills of employees. CORYS completed development of its new web portal giving access to operator training simulators, in remote locations, via a cloud-based simulation environment.

The current system allows various use cases from self-training to virtual class rooms. Several connected trainers can monitor a pool of trainees, either by running an independent simulator, or by interacting and operating as a team on the same virtual plant.

Jean-Christophe Blanchon R&D Manager commented: “This is a very exciting development of our simulator based-training solutions that will provide new and flexible solutions to our clients within a cyber-secured cloud-based environment."


Philippe Thiabaud, Head of Sales Oil & Gas and Chemicals added: “We are currently deploying this web portal with several key customers and partners and we will continue to invest in next-generation training systems which we see as an integral part of the training program  for our customers.”

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