Severe accident

Severe accident

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quoteIn response to the Fukushima event, nuclear regulatory bodies throughout the world reviewed their regulations and recommended additional actions that will likely have a broad impact on operator training.

Severe accident simulationCore in fusion

CORYS anticipated that this could result in a review of nuclear plant operating strategies, especially transitions from accidental operation procedures to severe accident management procedures, together with a likely standardization of Severe Accident Mitigation Guidelines (SAMGs), while ensuring key personnel are trained, qualified and evaluated in their emergency response roles.

That's why, from 2011, CORYS has investigated possible solutions to develop severe accident models based on MELCOR and MAAP engineering codes. These reference codes are now integrated in CORYS’ simulation technologies.

The first severe accident model has been delivered by CORYS in 2015 to Monticello US power plant.


Since Fukushima ...

Two years after the accident, severe accident models based on MELCOR had been developed by CORYS and integrated in the full scope simulators of two American power plants: Monticello (a BWR of the same basic design as the damaged Fukushima plant) and Calvert Cliffs (a two-loop Combustion Engineering reactor).
Interest in severe accident management training has continued to grow. New contracts to implement severe accident models have already been signed: Point Beach (a Westinghouse two-loop PWR) Perry and Columbia (General Electric BWRs).