Real-time executive and Instructor Station

In 1995 CORYS engineers revolutionized the US simulator industry with the introduction of OpenSim, the first PC and Windows-based simulator executive and instructor station.

OpenSim is now running more nuclear plant simulators than all other executives combined. As the next step in the evolution of simulator technology, CORYS developed the first third-generation simulator environment and toolkit, T-REX

T-REX provides capabilities and ease of use never before seen in the simulator industry and consists of a real-time simulator executive and toolkit, a complete, full-featured instructor station and a sophisticated graphical development environment.

The T-REX instructor station offers a complete set of instructor station applications which are designed for ease of use. Earlier instructor stations required a significant level of expertise to run the simulator during training scenarios and to develop lesson plans. Instructors were required to memorize or look up and type in cryptic database labels or expert commands. The T-REX instructor station uses modern Windows capabilities like drag-and-drop to make this unnecessary. Instructors are able to operate the simulator with minimal simulator-specific knowledge.