V&V Platform

V&V Platform

Tool up your engineering process

The engineering process aims at ensuring, from basic design to commercial operation, the control and consistency of plant design, fulfilling the Safety Authority and customer’s requirements in terms of safety, availability, performance and operating conditions.

The use of simulation enables validating progressively each step of the engineering process from basic to detailed design: validation of functional design in upstream phase, then unit validation of each plant elementary system and progressive integration of plant systems, and finally global behavior of the plant.

Throughout numerous projects with engineering departments at major utilities and reactor vendors, CORYS has developed a complete simulation environment enabling validation of all design phases:

Open loop validation of the models (process, I&C) of an elementary system

Closed loop validation of the models of an elementary system

Validation of interfaces between elementary systems

Validation of a subset of systems of the plant

Validation of operating MMIs

Validation of the global behavior of the plant

Validation of operating procedures

Preparation of commissioning tests