Breaking Ground: The Limerick Control Room Glass Panel Simulator Project

breaking ground the limerick control room glass panel simulator project

Constellation Energy, the largest nuclear plant operator in the U.S., has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to construct a full-scope glass panel simulator in support of a significant digital modernization project at the Limerick nuclear station near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An upgrade to Westinghouse Ovation digital control system in the plant presents challenges in meeting design … Read more

Fuel loading machine simulator for the Flamanville EPR

fuel loading machine simulator for the flamanville epr

CORYS is developing a training simulator for EDF for the PMC line (Fuel Handling) operators at the FA3 power plant.   The simulator will be a replica of the two operator stations, for the reactor and fuel buildings, required for fuel loading/unloading operations during refuelling. The fuel transfer system between the two buildings is also … Read more

CORYS supports the EPR2 nuclear reactor programme

corys supports the epr2 nuclear reactor programme

At the end of 2023, Edvance awarded CORYS the contract to design and build the EPR2 engineering simulator in the Detailed Design phase.   This new stage will extend the scope of representation by modelling the entire process and its instrumentation and control, from the boiler to the alternator, representing around 300 systems.   The … Read more

EPR2: delivery of the basic design simulator

epr2 delivery of the basic design simulator

In early 2023, CORYS delivered the EPR2’s basic design simulator to Edvance. The project enabled new model production methods to be validated, as well as building up experience about the future reactor and facilitating the growing headcount of the Nuclear business line, which is due to double by 2030.   The basic design simulator delivered … Read more

Integration of the severe accident module into the Bohunice simulator

integration of the severe accident module into the bohunice simulator

A severe accident module has been developed and delivered in Vuje for the operator Slovenske Elektrarne.   The MELCOR module has been integrated into the full scope simulator for the VVER nuclear power plant in Bohunice, Slovakia.    The MELCOR module was integrated into the simulator executive sharing memory with the existing THOR thermohydraulic module. … Read more

Early Launch of Validation via an Evolving Engineering Simulator (ELVEES) simulation strategy

In engineering, dynamic validation changes everything Guillaume HémeryR&D Manager, Framatome Framatome has invested in a forward-compatible engineering simulator known as Elvees to validate power plant design stages, notably for the Angra 3 power plant in Brazil over the next few years. While it takes time to adjust to the new practice, dynamic simulation is realistic, … Read more

Formations nucléaires : pourquoi ils recommandent le simulateur C-PWR

training courses

Ils sont manager de formation, enseignant, étudiant en école d’ingénieur, et ils ont adopté le simulateur C-PWR pour découvrir ou faire découvrir à leurs équipes les principes physiques de base d’un réacteur à eau pressurisée (REP). Nous les avons rencontrés pour connaître et partager leur retour d’expérience. Mathieu Sauvage, responsable formation nucléaire chez Engie à … Read more

EDF rolls out the SiRENE 1300 MW simulator

Following on from the 900 MW version, a first version of 1300 MW SiRENE* (Simulator renovated for design work) simulator was rolled out in 2020 for EDF’s nuclear engineering. The CORYS simulator provides support for changes to the fleet in operation, including predictions and analysis of the changes’ impact on installations. The next version of … Read more

New applications for Elvees

The forward-compatible engineering simulator Elvees is opening up to new users. Initially designed to support the validation of the various design stages of the Brazilian Angra 3 power plant, this simulator provides a structure for validating the control specification of any industrial installation. CORYS was able to implement, the process model of the IPS/NAS (Isotope … Read more

Free webinar : severe accident training simulation

CORYS organizes a webinar on February 16: Severe Accident Training Using Full Scope Simulators. Jody Ryan, CORYS Chief Commercial Officer will host the webinar, and panelists will include Bob Sanders and Barney Panfil, both of whom are Principle Engineers at CORYS and experts in severe accident simulation. Jody also anticipate the participation of utility training personnel … Read more

Remote training on simulator

Due to the pandemic, the training of the future inspectors of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), scheduled in March, was postponed to November and carried out entirely online. We were able to adapt our programme to guarantee effective training, including a theoretical part such as neutronics and materials, but also a practical part on … Read more

Simulator framework agreement for EDF DIPDE

CORYS has been selected by EDF DIPDE (Marseille) for its Simulator Framework Agreement. This six-year contract, with a commitment to place orders, covers several activities: alterations to full-scale simulators to implement real-life unit changes; Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) of the simulator process model; and simulator manufacturer expertise for EDF simulator workshops. CORYS has also … Read more

Digital reactor project : the practical stage

Réacteur numérique (‘Digital Reactor’) is an R&D project undertaken by nine French companies working in the nuclear industry. The four-year project seeks to develop a digital twin of a power plant that can be used from design right through to deconstruction. CORYS is one of the companies involved, and responsible for the functional integration bench. … Read more

USA : free webinar about Glass Panel Simulators

On September 16, CORYS Inc. Power Business Unit will be giving a webinar called “Full Scope Glass Panel Simulators”, featuring the Monticello and VC Summer glass panel simulators. Jody Ryan (Chief Commercial Officer CORYS Inc.) will be the host and panelists will be Stan Chan (Chief Technical Officer, CORYS Inc.), Joe Yarbrough (Senior Simulator Engineer, Monticello … Read more

A simulator to develop the EPR2

The engineering simulator for the EPR2 reactor (designed by EDF), was installed in August 2020 in the AREVA tower at La Défense, Paris.  Designed in collaboration with Edvance (the joint subsidiary of EDF and Framatome), this simulator is operational to run transient scenarios. The operating procedures used have already enabled to identify design evolutions impacting … Read more

Full scope glass panel for NPP in USA

In late 2019 Dominion Energy contracted CORYS Inc. to develop a full scope glass panel simulator for the VC Summer nuclear plant in South Carolina.  The purpose of the new simulator is to supplement the existing highly-utilized full scope training simulator, providing more opportunity for both licensed and non-licensed plant operators to enjoy the benefits … Read more

MOC of EDF’s EPR simulators

The MOC (Maintenance in Operational Conditions) contract for the simulation platforms representing the EPR plants has been renewed by EDF. This project began in 2006 with the first contract for the Flamanville simulator. CORYS is now developing, as part of an integrated team with EDF/EDVANCE/CNEN (Centre National des Etudes Nucléaires), the various simulation platforms dedicated to … Read more

Deployment of SiRENE simulator at EDF

Following the 900 MW stage, the SiRENE simulator (SImulator RENovated for design work) has been deployed for the 1300 MW stage at EDF’s nuclear engineering department. This engineering simulator, developed by CORYS, is notably used to support modifications to the operations by allowing EDF teams the possibility of predicting and analysing their impact on the … Read more

New audio-video system validated for HPC EPR simulator

NNB and EDF Energy, United-Kingdom, validated the audio-video system installation on one of the four simulation platforms, installed to date at the Cannington training centres for the Hinkley Point EPR plant. This audio-video facility enables, through a virtual window, a “direct” view from the instructors’ room of the operator trainees in the replica control room. … Read more

CORYS involved in the French nuclear industry

The ConnexiTY multi-partner R&D project on digital innovation in the nuclear industry entered its second year at the end of November at a strategic committee meeting. CORYS participated alongside the 13 other members of the consortium (Ansys, Assystem, Atos Wordgrid, Siemens, EDF, Framatome, TechnicAtome, Spie Nucléaire, Cegelec, Som-Ortec, Cyclife DS, PrimaFrance and BOOST) and will be … Read more

New engineering simulator for EDF

EDF/SEPTEN has just awarded the contract for its new SiRENE engineering simulator (RENovated study SImulators) to CORYS. This project has been launched to limit the effect of the obsolescence of the SIPACT simulator, operational since the early ‘90s. A first version of SiRENE for the 900 MW concept will be available at the end of … Read more


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