epr2 delivery of the basic design simulator

EPR2: delivery of the basic design simulator

In early 2023, CORYS delivered the EPR2’s basic design simulator to Edvance. The project enabled new model production methods to be validated, as well as building up experience about the future reactor and facilitating the growing headcount of the Nuclear business line, which is due to double by 2030.


The basic design simulator delivered in early 2023 describes some twenty systems, mainly the nuclear island, with simulation depth limited by the available engineering data at this stage. Its purpose at Edvance is to de-risk the functional specifications by simulating five transitory states spanning normal operations, incidents and accidents.

New: process simulation in agile mode

The first stage provided a constructive learning experience when it came to methods.

“We worked in agile mode, common in IT projects but not in process simulation. The principle involves progressing in batch mode, with usable intermediate versions and partial acceptance phases every three months"

:explains Patrice Roth CORYS project manager

For each batch, discussions examined the degree of maturity of available data to determine the new simulation scope that could be envisaged. The process is now tried and tested and universally acclaimed; it could be reproduced to develop the detailed design simulator.

Christian Leo, who heads up the Industry and Energy BU explains:

“The challenge now is to scale up from 20 to 300 systems so as to cover Instrumentation & Control and the entire procedure from boiler to alternator. We think we’re well-equipped for this project and are ready to implement it this year.”

The same tool for CAD and simulation

The tools involved include NFD, CORYS’ software for the production of functional specification diagrams for I&C. Edvance has been using it since 2017 for the purposes of basic design; the plan now is to use it for the detailed design phase as well.


CORYS can also provide Sim FD, currently being evaluated by Framatome, for the design of the safety I&C. The first version is due to be completed by 2024, before the potential integration of Sim FD in the industrial engineering chain.


NFD and Sim FD are based on CORYS’ Alices® simulation platform. Its particularity is that it combines the functions of traditional CAD such as namespace verification, the ability to export high-resolution PDF documents, and simulation functions: these drawings can be executed in a single click, allowing dynamic verification of their conformity.

12 recruitments in 2022 and as many again in 2023

The basic design simulator project was also useful for another of CORYS’ priorities: speeding up new hires in the wake of the French government’s announcement of its intention to build at least 6 EPR2 reactors.

Christian Leo, says:

“We welcomed 12 new employees in 2022 and are aiming for the same number this year. “By 2030, we’ll have twice as many people working just for the nuclear sector.”

Faced with industrial giants that are also hiring massively, CORYS has a significant asset: it develops simulators, an ideal tool for quick and effective training of new arrivals in the nuclear industry and more especially EPRs, allowing onboarders to take on an active and highly motivating role.

“New graduates joining a large engineering firm will spend years developing small parts of applications – but when they join us, they quickly find themselves handling a virtual reactor and so are able to gauge their contribution in very practical terms.”

:adds Christian Leo.


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