STEPS, simulation for transport, engineering, power and hydrocarbons industries

22 Aug, 2017
CORYS transport simulation provides training for numerous rail companies around the world.
30 Jun, 2017
It’s really a matter of collaboration and project organisation
25 Jan, 2017
CORYS offers THOR to the simulation industry for modeling complex, multi-phase fluid systems with high fidelity results.
11 Jan, 2017
CORYS has come up with a cab simulator that’s three times lighter than usual
19 Dec, 2016
The latest version of the CORYS simulation workbench ALICES© has been enriched
23 Nov, 2016
CORYS’ American subsidiary renovated 12 simulators for an Atlanta training center in over a single weekend
26 Aug, 2016
Some tips to ensure a comfortable working environment and high-quality learning
27 May, 2016
Operators are now eager to show off their equipment to highlight their training policies.


STEPS is a blog eager to provide answers and to bring up new issues with simulation users.

Its information is based on 30 years of CORYS experience of simulation and on the feedback from our customers around the world, in the field of Transportation, Power and Hydrocarbons industries.

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