Electric vehicle batteries: Gigafactory staff training

training simulators for operators, technicians and engineers in gigafactories

Over the next 12 months, CORYS will be delivering three training simulators for operators, technicians and engineers in gigafactories built to supply electric vehicle batteries. The aim is to address the huge labour requirements in this fast-growing sector which will be hiring 40,000 people a year between now and 2030 in France alone.   Worth … Read more

Bioprocess: INDISS PLUS® goes Vegan®

bioprocess biofuel saf ots corys

David de Gruyl, Axens’ Director of Digital Solutions for North America Already operational since 2019 at the Total Energies site in La Mède (France), Axens’ Vegan® technology will be deployed in seven new production units in the United States, Europe and Asia over the next three years. This ramp-up requires a generic training simulator, which … Read more

Axens and CORYS delivered OTS to ASORC

axens and corys delivered ots to asorc

Axens and CORYS supplied Operator Training Simulators (OTS) to Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC) within the refinery upgrading project.   The new naphtha complex will produce high octane gasoline for Egyptian domestic market.   For ASORC, CORYS developed custom models using INDISS PLUS for Naphtha Hydrotreater (NHT), Continuous Catalytic Regenerative Reformer (CCR) with Axens Octanizing™ … Read more

BAPCO’s Advanced Solution initiative to use Virtual Reality

bapco advanced solution initiative to use corys virtual reality simulator

End of 2022 BAPCO Team successfully tested CORYS Virtual Reality Solution for crude and vacuum distillation units at CORYS Grenoble office before deployment on site.   CORYS’s VR technology brings together INDISS PLUS® high fidelity dynamic process model with 3D plant topography model allowing both the outside operators and console operators to interact with each … Read more

Training simulators for the battery sector

training simulators for the battery sector

Aware of the stakes in the battery sector, CORYS has joined the Consortium* of the “École de la Batterie Grenoble”, to provide dynamic training simulators.   Simulation allows learning via a dynamic teaching method with real-life situations and the active involvement of each participant.   CORYS will develop two dynamic process simulators in collaboration with … Read more

The challenge of simulating green hydrogen storage

the challenge of simulating green hydrogen storage

A firm working in new energy asked CORYS to simulate a hydrogen charging station for light commercial vehicles. It’s a key milestone on the road to scaling up to supply hydrogen-powered trucks, aircraft, and trains in the future. To the casual observer, the design, control, and operation of a ‘hydrogen filling station’ might seem simple. … Read more

Zirconium purification simulator

zirconium purification simulator

“Challenging traditional understandings” Interview with Stéphane LAGARDE, Framatome’s Fuel Operations R&D Engineer Simulation can improve understanding of a unique, complex chemical process and unlock plenty of mysteries, even when the process in question has been around for 30 years – sometimes resulting in a paradigm shift, as Framatome found out with the OTS developed by CORYS … Read more

New training simulator for OMV

new corys training simulator for omv downstream gmbh

CORYS is to develop a new high-fidelity custom process model under INDISS PLUS® for a naphtha steam cracker plant producing ethylene and propylene for the oil and gas company OMV Downstream GmbH. The contract also includes INDISS PLUS® maintenance licenses, with specific reactor libraries, and integration of the process model with the ABB 800xA Simulator. … Read more

Packaging training in the cloud

corys cardboard simulator in the cloud ds smith 1800

DS Smith has commissioned CORYS to deploy its training simulator in the cloud. This simulator dedicated to the use of corrugated board manufacturing machines will be accessible at any time and from any place. Olivier Dutordoir DS Smith’s Training Coordinator in Operations, said : “Thanks to this cloud-based simulator, we will be able to organise … Read more

3D immersive training for field operators

Operators no longer need to go out in the field to get to know an installation, locate valves, or practice emergency procedures. Today, they can train using a 3D immersive model connected to a process simulator: this relays the effect of each operator action on pressure, temperature, and other settings. The innovative solution has now … Read more

Extrusion Challenge accepted and successfully simulating

In extrusion, thermoplastic material first arrives with a doughy consistency, before being compressed, formed, cooled by means of a heat exchange process, and then cut into pellets once it has solidified. Simulating this process has been a real challenge. CORYS’ North American team has successfully done so for a petrochemicals company building a new polyethylene … Read more

Upgrade of the AMPCO OTS

Atlantic Methanol Production Company LLC (AMPCO) selects CORYS to upgrade their operator training simulator (OTS). The OTS model and control & safety systems will be updated along with the facility after the plant turnaround completed in Spring 2020. Changes to the relevant operating procedures will also involve update to the OTS manuals. AMPCO has been … Read more

CORYS maintains a 10-year contract with Gasunie

CORYS was awarded a new upgrade  10-year maintenance contract by Gasunie to provide technical support for migration to INDISS PLUS® technology and software maintenance. CORYS will work with Gasunie to upgrade INDISS® existing custom simulators to keep this relationship strong in a cost-effective way without any interruption. Gasunie process control team has been using INDISS® software since 2008. … Read more

New dynamic simulation study for WAGA ENERGY

As part of its growth, WAGA ENERGY renews its confidence by calling on CORYS to produce a new dynamic simulation study. CORYS aims to confirm the chosen regulation strategies, and to understand the dynamic response to the different demands of WAGA ENERGY’s new range of high-capacity biomethane production units. The first study was carried out … Read more

ABB and CORYS sign MoU for digital collaboration

The two companies enter a strategic agreement to advance digital twin modeling and simulation technology across energy and process industries The agreement reflects a strategic collaboration between ABB and CORYS, with both companies committed to delivering advanced digital twin technology to help drive down capital and operational costs and reduce risks for customers. Leveraging ABB Ability™ 800xA … Read more

Saudi Arabia: immersive 3-D training

Hyundai Engineering & Construction has chosen CORYS Simulation Middle East (Cyprus) to develop an immersive 3-D training simulator, destined for the new ethane recovery unit at the world’s largest oilfield – operated by Saudi Aramco in Uthmaniyah, Saudi Arabia. An immersive 3-D model has been created using CAD files. This will be linked to the INDISS … Read more

CORYS contributes to NAPTA workbook

CORYS Inc. has partnered with the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) to provide content for their Process Operations workbook in the form of providing examples of a Block Flow Diagram (BFD), a Process Flow Diagram (PFD), and a Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID).  CORYS becomes one of the contributors to the “process operations” workbook.  … Read more

Simulation in the Cloud

ifp training simulator in the cloud

IFP Training: making training simulators accessible 24/7, worldwide Corinne MathieuTraining Engineer, IFP Training To keep on delivering training in spite of the global health crisis and lockdown measures, IFP Training asked CORYS to move forward the setting up of access to its simulators via the Cloud. The first trainings revealed that the simulators worked just as well … Read more

Large-scale renovations for Sinopec

In spring 2020, CORYS’ China-based subsidiary HKD completed renovation work on 30 procedure training simulators for Sinopec, one of China’s largest integrated power and chemicals companies. HKD’s work to develop four new simulators for Sinopec is also ongoing. (low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, sludge-bed residue hydrogenation and combined light oil hydrogenation.)

The oil rig relocated, its training simulator adapts

Norway: a reused oil rig and a renovated simulator When a drilling and production platform is renovated and moved to a new site, what happens to its Operator Training Simulators (OTS) In the case of Inspirer, which is being moved from Norway’s Volve oil field to Yme, 200 km away, the OTS comes too! The Inspirer platform, … Read more

Remote Simulation Through Cloud Services

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating many new challenges and is forcing many to consider innovative ways of working. With remote work and learning in response to COVID-19, many people are looking to build their skills while at home. Today CORYS launches a new feature providing remote training opportunities to train and maintain skills of employees. CORYS completed … Read more

Polypropylene OTS for Hanwha Total Petrochemical

Hanwha Total Petrochemical Co. Ltd., a 50/50 joint venture between Total and Hanwha, selected CORYS to develop an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for its new polypropylene plant. The OTS is part of a $500 million investment program to increase propylene production capacity of the integrated refining and petrochemical complex in Daesan, South Korea. CORYS will … Read more

CORYS supplies KBR Technology

CORYS Inc. (formerly RSI Simcon) recently achieved a milestone with the delivery of its 25th INDISS® / Indiss Plus® operator training simulator (OTS) software license and technical support to KBR, Inc. (NYSE: KBR) for the development of OTS systems for its process technologies. The high-fidelity turnkey OTS systems are provided by KBR to its clients and process … Read more


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